Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Truckload of 40,000 Books Coming Our Way on March 1st!

Do you work with underserved kids who need books in their homes?  Does your program need to expand your library?

We're very excited to announce that on March 1st, First Book San Francisco will be getting a Truckload of Books from the First Book national organization for distribution to recipient groups.  Working with Sports Basement, that means we've got 40,000 books to give away for FREE!

If you are a recipient group and want to pick up free books for your libraries or classrooms,  register here to join us on March 1st at Sports Basement. Not only will you receive free books, Sports Basement is offering attendees 10% off the day of our Truckload of Books event and will also give 10% back to First Book from purchases that day! 

Or maybe you'd like to help First Book San Francisco by being one of our much needed sponsors? Send us an email and join Sports Basement and others who have already pledged to be part of this amazing event!  Or just join us in helping promote literacy among children who need it by donating to First Book San Francisco. 

Watch this space for updates and news about the event!

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