Monday, November 22, 2010

Direct Mail Letter Going Out Soon

Gentle Reader,
The First Book - San Francisco board members are in the process of mailing and e-mailing a fundraising letter providing basic information about our early literacy services as well as contact information for those who are in a position to provide financial support. A copy of this letter is posted below (click on it to view it full size). Thank you for your interest in, and support of, increased literacy services for our community.
Best regards, Brian

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Active Board Members, November 22, 2010

Active Board Members as of November 22, 2010

Michael Andolina
- Education Director, Jamestown Community Center San Francisco

 Irene Blum
- Retired Reading Teacher and Elementary Education Specialist
- Volunteer, Children’s Book Project

Brian Castagne
- Families for Literacy Coordinator/Computer Lab Coordinator
Project Read of the San Francisco Public Library

Jude Deckenbach
- National Liaison, First Book San Francisco
- Former Executive Director, The Reading Tree

Andrea "Ande" Elzie
- Retired Child Development Instructor, City College of San Francisco
- Volunteer, Child Development Center and Family Studies Department
City College of San Francisco

Carla Hatley
- Coordinator, San Francisco BookPALS Program
Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools, Screen Actors Guild Foundation

Kathy Katz
- Programs Manager, The Children's Book Project

Elmer Owens, PhD
- Retired Speech Pathologist, UC San Francisco
- Volunteer, Up on Top After School Tutoring Program

Luanne Schulte
- Speech Pathologist
- Volunteer, Up on Top After School Tutoring Program