Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Thanks for summer vacations and old friends...disproving yet again that in fact, you can go home again

I have just returned from two weeks of heat and humidity.
No, I wasn't in the tropics.  I was in the lovely Midwest.... my old stomping grounds.  As family lore has it, once I was old enough to know better, I said to my parents, "You mean we don't have to live here?"
The cold, endless winters and long, mosquito filled summers got the best of me.  I moved away when I went to college and never looked back.  Except of course for every year when I would return to visit family and friends.  As the years have passed, both my family and my friends' families have expanded.  I love hanging out with them all and I have to admit, a lemon lime arctic freeze from Dairy Queen is on my top ten list.

This year I experienced an added bonus.  A $5K bonus to be exact.  My friend from HS runs the RBC Dain Rauscher Foundation - the community foundation arm of RBC Wealth Management.  Martha, and RBC has always been a big supporter of the underdog.  When I told Martha about the number of children that First Book - SF LAB gives books to - these books are often the first to be owned by the kids - she immediately jumped on board.  When I got back to SF after my trip not only was the blessed fog waiting for me but so was the check.

Thanks Martha and RBC Wealth Management - you guys rock!  You've made so many kids so happy.

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